Thursday, February 9, 2012


Hi Everyone,

I've recently reached a very difficult decision to close down this blog AND my FB page. I want to be able to spend as much time as possible with my husband and children in between my 3 jobs, his job & his studies. In order for me to do this, I can't be worrying about when my next update on this page or post on my blog is going to be coming.

Thank you all for your support throughout my journey so far. I'll continue to check in on those of you who have blogs/pages but I will disappear from a week today.

If you're looking for me on profile is at ...just tell me who you are :)


Tuesday, February 7, 2012


I propose a change. It will be a change for busy women everywhere. It will be thing of beauty that allows us to not only be with our families, enjoy a day of work, get some exercise without feeling guilty and have a chance to relax.

A 30 hour day. 8 hours for working, 8 hours for sleeping, 8 hours with the family, 2 hours for exercising and 4 hours for relaxing.

Deal? DEAL!!

Gah! It's been so dang busy in my life lately and I haven't had much chance to sit down and put any words in this wee space. It is still busy but for this one night only I have some down time because I managed to get myself a bit more organised.

I wish I could say I've been a good girl. Truth be told, I've been fairly good but I haven't put any extra effort in.

My father was here visiting for 10 days which I have to say is the best start I could possibly have had for 2012. We did a lot of touring around in the immediate area and even ventured a little further out to see a bit more of the upper South Island of NZ. I don't think I lost anything while they were here but I did manage to maintain my weight by counteracting the amount of food I was eating with a fair bit of walking.

Since then? Well, the kids are back at school after the summer holidays, I am back at work after almost a month off (most of the non profit organisations shut down over summer) and am now working 3 jobs on a soon to be 7 day a week basis. How's that for crappy grammar eh?

Aside from my office jobs, I have been employed as a swim teacher at the Sports Stadium. I am LOVING it! I teach preschoolers the basics of swimming, get to enjoy their cuteness (mostly) and then get to give them back. Awesomeness! There are a few perks to this job. Half price lessons for my own kids, half price gym membership for me (here's hoping I'll actually USE it), and free recreational/fitness swimming for myself and the family. I love being in the water, and I float beautifully, so I am loving this whole deal. Maybe one day in the not too distant future, I'll be able to be employed solely by the stadium!

My "Go The Distance" challenge is going ok. I keep forgetting to wear my pedometer so I can only enter my walking that I do purely for the purpose of the challenge, which sucks because I reckon I'm easily walking another 3 or 4 kilometres on top of that, just from my bimbling around.

This week sees me back on track as far as food is concerned...but shhhh, I haven't told the Doritos that are hiding in the cupboard. I might have to send them to live with someone else!

In a couple weeks, I'll be able to get to the gym in the evenings, or to the pool, because my hubby will be working back in town on a permanent basis. This will give me that little bit more freedom. Right now, about the only time I get to do any actual exercise is walking the dog.

Can't wait to catch up on all your blogs! Hope you're all doing awesome!

Here's to 2012 staying awesome!