My Story

I have been overweight since the age of 18. Actually, to tell the truth, I've been technically overweight since I was 16 but it never really looked too bad til I was 18. I have steadily put on weight for the last 13 years. I have done Weight Watchers 4 times.
But this isn't the story of those times. This is the story of now. The story of how I caught a reflection of myself in a window one day and before realizing it was me, I thought "Holy crap that chick is FAT!". When I recognised myself, I just about cried. I could suddenly hear the thoughts of everyone around me and I didn't like what I was hearing.
"That girl needs to go on a major diet. Stat!"
"How did she get that big?"
"She waddles like a duck"
"Please don't let her trip and fall on me."
"Woah. It's like she decided that eating LIKE a horse wasn't good enough and she just ate the horse instead."
It was a huge wake up call. Additionally, we'd just finished moving half way across the world from Canada to New Zealand and I had spent over 16 hours traveling on planes with teeny tiny seats, wedging my ass in and trying to quietly ask for an extension for my seat belt without dying of humiliation (though I'm pretty sure that I was so firmly stuck in the seat that I wasn't going anywhere).
I was tired of not being able to chase my kids around the park, of not being able to tie my shoes without getting into a pose most people don't see outside of yoga class, of finding myself out of breath just from walking up a flight of 10 stairs or of becoming so depressed from clothes shopping that I seriously considered investing in a closet full of mumus.

This blog is the record of my journey from Hungry Hungry Hippo to Hipster Hotty. I hope you'll follow along, join in with advice or support and even share your own journey.