Wednesday, January 9, 2013

The Return of Jabba the Hut

Image from Wikipedia
I'm baaaaaccckkkkk!

Ok. I know that's not me over there and I know I'm not quite at Jabba the Hut size and I know that Jack doesn't say he's back. But it was either a creepy picture of him or one of Arnie. I don't like Arnie.


Anyway, I'm back. I need to be back. It is imperative that I return to this, my most comfortable of spaces so that I may be publicly flogged for my transgressions in order for my life path to return to where it should be.

Or some such crap anyway. I really have a hard time coming up with words to describe why I need to return to this space. All I know is that is important in this moment.

A year ago I left this blog. I needed to dedicate the time to my family. I've done that. A year is enough. I'm bored.

Not really. I'm just at the point where I have a little bit more work/life balance. I'm only working ONE job instead of 3. That one job takes up only 16 hours a week instead of 50. And although I am now studying as well, I do find I have more of a handle on what my priorities are.

This means that not only can I incorporate blogging back into my life, I can also actually enjoy it again. I hope.

So, I'll have more of an update on WHY it is so important for me to be back here....but that will have to wait until later in the week. Right now I have to go and study.

I hope that some of you are still around. And if you're not? Well, I'll never know anyway.