**Goals will turn to RED as they are accomplished.**

Weight loss goals:

Lose 5kgs
Lose 10kgs

Lose 15kgs
Lose 20kgs
Lose 25kgs
Lose 30kgs
Lose 40kgs
Lose 50kgs
Lose 60kgs
Lose 70kgs
Lose 80kgs

Size goals:

Size 26
Size 24
Size 22
Size 20
Size 18
Size 16
Size 14
Size 12? - Not sure how I'd look if I was this small, it's been too many years!

Fitness goals:

Go back to the pool. It's been more than 3 years since the leg infection. Suck it up and jump in! 
Walking to the top of Gentle Annie in the Wither Hills...without stopping to die to catch my breath.
Do a 5K hybrid
Run a 5K
Complete a Colour Run - walking. There is one taking place in February in Christchurch.
Do 5 'girly' pushups in a row
Do 10 'girly' pushups in a row....or more!
Do a 'normal' pushup
Complete the Saint Clair Half Marathon - walking - in under 4hrs 30mins. This is in May 2016.
Run up a flight of stairs without getting out of breath
Complete the local Women's Triathalon

Personal goals:

Sit (fit?) comfortably into the seats at the cinemas....the 'non-comfy' seats!
Shop in 'normal' stores, or the 'normal' section of the department stores
Ride a horse
Fly without having to use a seat belt extension (it is mortifying!)
Ride a rollercoaster....the cool kind, with the restraints that come down over the shoulders!