Thursday, March 11, 2010

Looking for other things......

Over the last 16 weeks (wow...that's 4 months! I can't believe I've doing it for that long!), I have been told many, many times not to depend on the numbers the scales are showing me but to also keep track of my measurements. Each time someone has told me this, I've plastered the smile on my face and said "yes, I know. Thank you." and moved on, or if it was on Facebook I have plastered a :) in the comment box and said "Yup. I know. Cheers." and then logged off in frustration.

I get it. I know. Track my measurements. I've done this before.

I don't mean to sound like a totally ungrateful bitch for not accepting the advice or sounding bitter about it after the fact. And yet that's exactly what I do sound like. Right? Right. It's just that when you've already heard it from a gajillion people, that next one can be a bit grating on the nerves.

So why is this coming to the surface now? After 4 months of travelling this exceedingly long road?

Because I weighed in last night.

After a week of working my arse off at the pool, swimming more and more and more lengths every day, of sweating buckets and taking myself to the edge of exhaustion (ok not quite, but close), I managed to GAIN WEIGHT. When I saw the staff member write down my weight, I had an overwhelming urge to pick up the scale and shove it down her throat, all while I called her a lying bitch for fabricating such a horrible lie.

From that statement alone, you'd think that I gained upwards of 2 kgs or something wouldn't you?

I gained 200 grams. That's a whole 0.44 lbs for you metrically challenged folks out there.

200. GRAMS.

I can't decide if I'm pissed off because I gained or pissed off because if I was going to gain, there's a twisted part of me that thinks I should have done it with style and gained at least a kilo. It may very well be a combo of the two.

Of course, I talked about my gain on Facebook and with friends in real life and that's where my "remember to track your measurements" frustration came in. Don't get me wrong, I TOTALLY appreciate the support and the fact that people ARE reminding me of that. I think it bothered me that I hadn't thought to look at that myself. If you are one of the people who has said it to me, please don't hesitate to say it again.....I NEED the reminder, even if makes me bitchy.

So, having had about 20 people tell me that, I'll be taking my measurements tomorrow. It's been awhile. It'll be interesting to see what, if any, difference there is since the last time. I can already tell you one thing......

I went bra shopping today. This is a scary prospect for many women, but has been especially mortifying for me lately. My bras have been getting older, more full of holes (yes really. And no, it does NOT add to the sex appeal apparently), less supportive...and I've been just trudging along because the last time I went bra shopping I could not even fit the biggest size on the rack. I couldn't get it done up around my back (ok, I COULD..but not comfortably) and my bosoms were spilling out of the cups. HOT. Totally hot.

Today? I pulled the second biggest (!!) off the rack and tried it on. A 24E (46E). I just about died! Not only did it go on, but did so comfortably. And my friend's Bill & Ben (the friends to all men) fit nicely in the cups. I squealed. Out loud. For the entire store to hear. Then I pulled two more bras off the rack (they were on sale...$15 each!) and ran for the till. I had a huge smile on my face and the woman looked a bit tentative about serving me. I told her this was the highlight of my week and why. She chilled a bit. Phew!

DUDE! My boobs are up near my chin instead of doing the polka down near my waist. Sure, they'll still do their dash for cover in my armpits when I lay down, but short of wearing my bra to bed (nuh-uh), I'll just have to deal.


1) Ignore scale. Take measurements.

2) Squeeee with delight at small accomplishments like this.

3) Appreciate the support and don't bite the head off anyone who says to "ignore the scale, watch the inches".

Thank you ALL for the support you've given. I really DO appreciate it.

Now, back to the grind. More swimming tomorrow. Aiming for my 2kms again :)


  1. yea for bras that fit!!!
    Has it occurred to you that it might have been some muscle weight from all that swimming you've been doing???
    No matter what, you are in it for long haul and that is important. But I can relate to the deflated's perfectly normal!

  2. I know how you feel about the gain - I had one last week and was not happy at all!! This week however I have recovered with a very good loss - my point is it will even itself out though it is hard to move past it.....but you need to. It is about the bigger picture and the small achievement along the way (well that is what I have to keep telling myself). Great work on the bras...nothing like buying nice new smaller bras.

  3. Moonspun is right Darlin, that swimming and stuff is going to boost muscle as you lose. It can't be helped and it shows as gain :/ You are doing great! Keep going, we love you :)-Marf

  4. YAY! for bras that fit! That's awesome!

    If you're up for it, take a comparison picture so you can see where you've lost your weight. If you're brave enough to post, we'll compare 'em and point out that "Yes, you have lost weight and you are tightening up, so there!"

    Second what Marf says, we love you and keep going Megs. You're doing great. :)


  5. By the way, your weight goes up and down throughout the day depending on what you've eaten, drank, and how much water you ingest while swimming... are you sure you just didn't need to pee? :P

  6. Bras that fit are a wonderful thing. Amazing how having the boobs near the chin instead of the waist can do so much for the self-esteem! Keep up the great work, Maggie! :)

  7. You are doing great!!! I need new bras and I am dreading it!!

  8. lol your description about what you wanted to do with the scales was priceless lol. And what a great NSV...yay for u!

    kazz =]

  9. Hey!! Thanks for visiting my blog!
    Had a quick read through yours and your weight loss is going well. I lost 24 kilos over 13 years ago now so I know how hard it is.
    As for the bra thing...well...can I just say that every bra shopping trip used to end in tears for me. But after finding the fantastic TRUIMPH MINIMISER my life has changed!!! Being a 12E (crumbs I just put that on the internet) I couldnt find anything that was right until I found them. Expensive but so worth it. The wedding I just photographed the bridesmaids were going on about how big there boobs were and I'm like Yeah right and they go oh shut up little Miss C's and I was like ah hello Miss extremely large E's and they were blown away