Tuesday, June 8, 2010

My Wii Fit platform is out to get me.

I have weigh in tonight.

I was feeling rather confident until about 2pm when I decided to step on the Wii Fit platform and it screamed "OH HOLY MOTHER OF PEARL...GET OFF!" at me.

Ok. Maybe it was more like "Maggie, you seem to have gained 1.5 kgs. Did you remember to exercise this week?"

I just about threw it through the window. We'll see how accurate it is after weigh in tonight but at this point in time it has me weighing (taking into account the 4.2 kgs difference between the Wii Fit and the WW scales) 139 kgs. Considering last week I weighed in at 137.5 kgs, that's a bit of a kick in the enormous gut.


Fingers crossed that my Wii Fit is just being a bitch and I've actually gone down. If that's the case, I'm gonna kick the cow's ass when I get home. If she's right (I've decided it's a woman because I've also decided she's just jealous of my descending poundage and has resorted to underhanded tricks), then I will kiss her and love her and tell her thank you for the reality check.

I'm really hoping it's not the latter.


  1. LOL! my mom got that and the kids wont play it because it told them they are fat they said :)

  2. I've named my scale Bea.
    She's also female ... sometimes "Bea" is short for "Beautiful" when she tells me something wonderful ...
    Sometimes it's for something not nearly as nice ;)
    Hope yours was beautiful!!!

  3. Yeah it's definitely sometimes off. I'm 23 and apparently I have the fitness age of a fifty year old. Despite the fact I walk and cycle for twenty miles somedays, and I have a healthy diet of fruit and vegetables. It told my four year old niece that she's 'obese' despite her being tiny.

    So yes, you've got to watch it, and make sure it doesn't derail you when you see a less than desirable number.

  4. Ah hahaha! This post definitely made my day! I hate the "oh!" sound that it makes when I step on it. I also hate when it says "That's obese!"

    I certainly wish my wii fit had a little more tact.

  5. I stopped using my Wii Fit because it was so freakin' annoying with that "Oh!" and the BMI comments, not to mention the "you haven't worked out in forever, you slacker wench". I can berate myself for all that just fine without it. I mean, seriously, what genius at Nintendo thought THAT was a good idea? Whomever it was needs to stand in front of me when I do Wii Boxing and not duck.

  6. Nah, I bet it's just acting like an asshole.