Sunday, July 4, 2010

Flop. Fizz. Fumble. FAIL!

Well. Have any of you seen that website called Fail Blog? If you haven't, you should check it out. It's rather funny, except that there should probably be a section on it for me now, complete with a screen shot of my blog from the beginning on June. Like this...

Because, unfortunately, that's what my June Challenge turned into. A fail. It's funny because Tex even commented on the original post and said to just pick one of my goals and go with that. And yet, I didn't even manage to succeed in ONE of my goals. *sigh*

This whole journey can be rather frustrating at times. Just when I thought I was back on track, I got sick. So those goals I made? Drinking my water, exercising 4 days a week, tracking everything I eat AND losing 4kgs in the month of June? Yeah, I'd say they turned into quite the big fat


I drank a fair amount of water, especially when I was sick, but did not exercise anywhere near 4 days a week and my tracking fell by the wayside for awhile there. As for weight loss, thanks my June 30th weigh in showing a one week gain of 1.2 kgs (2.64 lbs) (yes really! I swear the caramel lumps pinned me down and jumped down my throat! They've since been evicted from my house), my grand total for loss in the entire month of June was a wopping 100 grams (0.22 lbs).


So what do you do when this happens? The instinct, for me at least, seems to be to crawl into a hole and give up. But I'm fighting that urge and I've been tracking diligently this week. I've also been wearing my pedometer and I'll be off to Zumba tonight.

I have not given up on my Virtual Bike Tour of NZ but, needless to say, it too fell off the radar.

Let's set some new goals shall we?


Water: Drink it, drink it, drink it! I have started carrying a water bottle with me in the car so I have water with me most of the time. It makes me feel like I'm floating but I know it's good for me. I'm probably getting at least 6 glasses of water a day, just from the bottle alone.

Food: I really, really need to eat more fruits and veggies. My aim is to try a new fruit or vegetable, in some form, every month. At LEAST one new one.

Tracking: Track. Everything. I. Eat. It really is that simple. You'd think that after 8 months it would have clicked by now eh?

Exercise: At least 3 days a week, for at least 45 minutes. I already have two days a week accounted for because I'm going to Zumba on Monday & Tuesday nights. Soon there will be a class on Fridays as well. They're hour long classes, so that's great! I'm also still attempting to train for the 5K in August, so hey...looks like we're sorted eh?

Weight loss: I think 4 kg was a bit of a reach for last month. So, for July, I am aiming for 2.5 kgs (5.5 lbs). If I manage more than that, cool! If not, oh well. We have 4 weigh ins this month, so I'm hoping that's an achievable goal.

Blogging: More than once a week. It keeps me accountable. gives you something to do.



  1. (LOL at your blogging remark at the end :))

    and need to remember sometimes that I should plan, say, a new veggie a month and not a!new!one!a!week!

    to set myself up for success as well.


  2. I'm totally stealing your July goals.

    Every single one.

    Okay? :)

  3. The goals that you have set a very achievable and realistic - remember small steps and just focus on one day at a time - if the day does not go to plan then you can start a fresh the next day - don't give up - you are making progress – 21.2kg of progress!

  4. Yep, you can do this! And I also love the July goals. Maybe I'll steal them... :)

  5. Great goals! I need to make some too!! Starting back on weight watchers ~ Wednesday!!

  6. Thought I'd come over and say hi after your kind comment on Jules post. Am I supposed to give advice? LOL! Uh, make sure you use good portion control. It's not necessary to count calories once you've learned what's what, and portion control is much easier to keep track of. Good luck and carry on :-)

  7. JUNE ... for me... FAIL TOO!
    Onward... and downward.... for sure!

  8. June was a big FAIL for me, too, but somehow I've managed to lose 3 pounds so far this month. I think it's all the swimming I've done with the kids. Or the strength training I got from carrying all the crap to the beach. Those towels and chairs and lunches are darn heavy! I'm stealing your July goals, too, ok?