Friday, November 26, 2010

Wondrous Weigh-In Wows!

Clearly I like the alliteration thing!

Just a quick one today because I have a longer, deeper, potentially more thought provoking one coming up in the next day or two. Today I just wanted to check in with you all and see how you were doing and update you on my most recent weigh in.

Some of you, like me, started on the new Weight Watchers Pro Points system this past week. How did you find it? As I mentioned in my last post, I was a bit nervous about it but looking forward to the possible changes in my habits and my eating.

The week was interesting. I found myself eating MORE than I have in ages because all of a sudden fruit is free! Can we say awesome?! Now when I want a snack, I don't have to worry about it using up points when I have a banana...I just have one. It's fantastic!

One thing I did struggle with for the first couple of days is using all my daily points. I have a daily points allowance of 47 (I know!!) and at the beginning of the week I had a hard time getting all those points into me. Now, I just know how to flesh out my meals and my snacks.

Did you use your weekly extras of 49 PP? I used some of mine. I had some chips, I had a few bits of chocolate. It was nice to have the flexibility, and not have to worry so much. I had no intention of eating them all though. I didn't eat any of my Activity Points either.

Speaking of activity, I've been doing a lot more than I was. Walking, swimming,'s all paying off. I'm really enjoying having The Punisher to work with on Mondays and I'm going to get her to put together a program for me for a couple of other days during the week.

If it seems like this new ProPoints system has awakened a new sense of motivation in me, you'd be right. After last week's loss I was already feeling great, but this week I lost again!

This week's loss: 1.7 kg (3.74 lbs)

Grand total so far: 24.4 kg (53.68 lbs)

How are you all doing??


  1. Whohoo! Go you!

    I, too, have been on ProPoints since start of November, and i think it's just great!

    I agree with everything you've said- it's a great plan

    Congrats on the loss

  2. Good for you Maggie! I am doing a weight loss journey too. I have it under my "other blog" Mom squad central (I may do a bit on Franticmommy too). Here's my latest post
    I am happy for you and proud. I am also THRILLED to know of someone else on workin the weightloss project. Let's keep each other motivated!

  3. p.s I hade Tamara at Cheapskate Mommy create the Tell Fat To Fork off button (ten bucks!)and I do an even Wednesday feature on my weightloss adventure.

  4. They're starting the propoints on Dec 6 here :) Can't wait!

  5. Congratulations, Maggie! Way to go!!