Saturday, May 14, 2011

On the road again.....(sing it with me!)


Q1) What do you get when you combine one overweight woman, a week of absolute complacency and non motivation, a week with an injured arm, another week of being sick, and absolutely no tracking of food?

A) A gain of 2.1kgs (4.62 lbs) in the space of 3 weeks.

Q2) What do you get when you take that same overweight woman, flip a magical switch in her head to restore motivation and remove complacency, and send her back to Weight Watchers meetings?

A) ME....back on track, with a vengeance!

Yes folks, that's right. I had a massive gain over 3 weeks. But I'm over it. I'm done. I'm not happy to go back there again. I've come so far that I am just NOT willing to gain it all back. I am currently sitting exactly where I was a year ago and that's just not ok. I know, I know...been there, said that. But if you could feel the pain in my thighs that I am feeling right now, you'd know what I'm talking about.

So what have I been up to? Well, other than my eye opening weigh in on Wednesday, I've been busy. I have been tracking every single morsel of food that goes into my mouth. I can't believe that a year and a half in, I am still struggling to perfect this. You might think it should be easy. Prepare food, write it in the book with the correct points, eat food. Thing is, I still have moments when I don't think to write it in the book til much later and then I find myself guesstimating the portion size and corresponding points. I'm getting better though..and at least I'm still remember to write it down. I really need to start taking it to show Tex....keep myself accountable.

Thursday evening I went to the gym with my friend KitKat. Y'know...the one who is often mistaken for being my daughter? Well, she's easily 50kgs (110 lbs) lighter than me but we did HER gym program. I modified it a little bit because there was a couple exercises that I just cannot do....yet. But in the end, I essentially did her program. Also? After watching Kazz from Kazz's Journey talking about her rapidly decreasing time doing 1km on the rower, I thought I'd have a go. So I did. I managed 1km in 5 minutes and 10 seconds. Now I'll concentrate on cutting down that time and catching up with Kazz.

Friday morning my thighs were screaming at me. I'm sure y'all know the kind of scream I'm talking about. "Oh my freaking gawd, how could you do that to me?! Are you insane?!!" I decided that it might be possible to alleviate some of the discomfort by going for a walk. A fast walk. So I did! I walked 45 minutes. I KNOW! I wouldn't have thought it was that far but I came home and plotted it out on Google Maps and turns out it really was that far! Now, when I started this journey, that distance would have been seriously uncomfortable. That speed? It would have killed me. Now it's just something I can do. NSV!!!

Today is Saturday and I took the day off exercise wise because I had a netball game to go and coach and housework to do, but tomorrow I'm planning a very long walk and possibly a swim.

I'm down to one and a half glasses of Coke Zero per day...and about 8 bottles of water in my fancy new Bobble bottle.

As Randy Jackson would say: "Maggie is in it to win it!!!"


In other news, I wanted to share a couple fantastic blog posts with you, by some very wise people:

Kimberly over at A Spicy Boy, A Cat, and My Fat Ass had this great post about artificial sweeteners. Well worth a read.

Jack Sh*t has another round of his W.I.D.T.H (Why I Do This Here) submissions up. They're inspirational, thought provoking and hey, you might even find a new blogger in there that has something in common with you.


I am starting a challenge, to mix in with my other workouts. I found this great site called "200 Sit-Ups" and I'm going to take the challenge. I'm going to do my best to get to the end of the 6 week program and be able to do 200 sit ups. There's also, if you look down the side bar, "100 Push Ups", "200 Squats", "150 Dips" and coming soon will be "25 Pull Ups". I'm keen to do the push ups and squats but I think I'll leave the dips and pull ups for a while.

Anyone want to take the challenge with me?

**Edited to add: If you are interested in doing the challenge with me, I'll be starting on Monday, May 23rd


  1. Great job getting remotivated with your journey! I know exactly how you felt when you saw that gain, but you turned it around! Hope you have a successful week.

  2. Hey Maggie, I'm keen to do the 200 sit-ups challenge! I was at the physio on Thursday and she said I need to do some major core strengthening. When are you starting?

  3. Okay, okay, okay. You post on facebook, you post on the blog... I guess I'm going to have to do it too. Not that you are nagging or anything. I kind of fell off the bandwagon on weight loss but started again this week with a vengeance. Maybe I'll even blog again. :)

    So, that being said, I'll be crunching right along with you ... across the world... Good luck!!

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