Sunday, January 3, 2010

A challenge!!

Along with this whole weightloss journey that I'm on, I seem to have gained a sense that I can do anything. As such, I signed up for a challenge put on by my buds ZGirl over at Think Tank and Dual Mom over at We're At Dad's That Week. It's called....

This involves eating better, exercising more, and being accountable to a whole list of people who are joining in the challenge. It's running from now until April. At that point, we'll figure out who has lost the highest percentage of their body weight. That person will reign supreme and be sent a whole bunch of wee little prizes from the rest of the group...from all over the world. Pretty good incentive right??

Some folks are taking pictures of their scales and posting those pictures, but because my scale scurried for cover under the bathroom cabinet with screams of "come back and try again in 50 pounds, you heffer" when it saw me coming, I have had to resort to taking pictures of my Weight Watchers weigh in book. That's fine with me seeing as I've already posted a picture of my fat ass with the weights attached. So. My start weight for the L.I.B challenge is:

Now, I have certain goals regarding this challenge.

1) Whoop ALL y'all's asses.

2) Drink at least SIX bottles of water a day. My water bottle is 700mls so that'll be 4.2 litres a day.

3) Restrict myself to TWO glasses of Coke Zero per day.

4) Walk at least THREE kilometres a day. This will be increasing rapidly as I move into the training program for the half marathon I'm doing in May.

5) Still make use of my sports centre membership to keep up with my weight training and make use of the swimming pool for laps. This will, I hope, help prevent all that saggy baggy skin as I lose the weight. Fingers crossed.

6) Not die.

Ambitious aren't I?


  1. Go for it!!!

    Us bitches can do anything

  2. Very ambitious! And well thought out. (Apart from the Coke Zero. Yuck! ;-) ) Watch out with too much water as well, though, as that can have bad side effects. Over four litres may be getting a bit much?

  3. Mmmmmm, I love Coke zero. I switched to Sprite zero because of giving up caffeine, and it's just as yummy. But the soda had to go too, once the holidays were over. I even just order water at restaurants. I still feel funny when I do it though, like the server is going to think I'm just uber cheap or something. lol

  4. Hi I am new to your blog!! We can all do this together!! Good luck to us all!!

  5. Good luck, lady! I know you can do this!

  6. Love the weightloss blog. Great idea!!