Monday, April 12, 2010

It's the little things

One joy scatters a hundred griefs. ~Chinese Proverb

I had the best day today! In fact, I'm having a fantastic week! My challenge is going really well so far, but I'll update that on Wednesday after weigh in. What's really fantastic is that my little sister (almost 20 years old and model thin & gorgeous) is here visiting for a few days from University. It's so awesome having her home.

Today, I had grand plans of walking up into the Wither Hills again today and taking the kids so that I couldn't back out. Turns out, they didn't want to go. So then I decided we'd walk about 1.5kms down the road to play in the park and get a treat at the bakery (for the kids! I didn't think I'd have points worth using on anything there!). But little sister didn't want to walk that far.


We ended up at the gym later in the afternoon, so it's all good.

But that's not the source of my happiness!

Did you read that quote at the top of the page about happiness scattering grief? It's absolutely true. I had SO much fun at the park with the kids. We played, we talked, and we had a great time. And I got to do this:

Picture from Free-Extras

Yup. I got to swing. And swing and swing and swing.

It has been a LOT of years since I was able to sit comfortably in a swing and just go. And it was one of the most freeing things. It really helped hit home just how far I've come.

It was AWESOME!!!

I squealed, loudly, in delight and didn't care who heard me. I was having such a good time, swinging back and forth with my 7 1/2 year old daughter and my little sister on the other two swings while my son and watched us with a big smile on his face as he listened to his mother squeal like a little girl.

And you know what? It made every bad thing that has happened in the last few days, every difficult moment I've had with this journey, just fade away. Gone.

What little things have you enjoyed lately that tie into your journey?


  1. I have had moments of feeling weak that its just to hard. but then i read what you have written and it helps me see the big picture again. I know the mind game that is going on the old feelings of rejection that I'm not good enough. So its time to have a wee chat to myself. I am that best wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend, I'm giving, loving, and kind. I need to remind myself of the truth so that the lies do not rob me of that which is mine "MY SELF WORTH"

  2. Just playing with my grandson!! Your post brought a smile to my face!! I could hear you screaming!!

  3. My jeans nearly falling off my butt! lol However, grrrr, on the other hand, I'm sort of between sizes. Everything is either too big or too small and I just refuse to buy anything new right now. I've just got a few pounds to lose to fit into what I already have. It's been a hard week because I was down to 291 and in two days gained 4 pounds????? I'm back down 2 after the weekend, but really, what do I have to do, cut off body parts? LOL

  4. That is awesome! I thought the sky seemed brighter somehow. :)

  5. I'm so glad you hear that you had a great time! And you're obviously doing really great with weight watchers! (I sincerely believe it's the one program that works!) Good for you, Sweetheart! Good for you!