Thursday, October 27, 2011

Y'all are better than a pair of Spanx!

Being fat is hard.

It's hard on your body, your mind, your emotions, and your health. Your self esteem can hit rock bottom, your emotions can take a dive into a never ending whirlpool. There will always be someone judging you because of your weight. Someone, somewhere, will always be ready with a rude or snarky comment about your weight and your appearance. Some of those people will do it under the guise of "just trying to help" when, in fact, they are doing more harm than good.

Being fat is hard.

Losing weight is hard.

It is also hard on your body, your mind and your emotions. Just stepping into a gym can be a real challenge to your pride and your courage. As an overweight person, it can be very disconcerting and overwhelming to see all those machines being used by a bunch of fit and trim gym bunnies when you have NO bloody idea what you're meant to be doing. New habits have to be learned, old habits scrapped. Exercise upped, food consumption lowered.

Losing weight is hard.


Losing weight is not nearly as hard when you have a good support system.

I've had a hard time losing weight anyway, but it was infinitely harder when I was trying to do it in secret. I frequently run into people who have said they don't want their friends, family, partners, children etc etc knowing that they attend Weight Watchers meetings. When I was doing the same thing, I totally understood. Now? It baffles me.


I'll tell you.

Weight management programs no longer have the same stigma attached. Celebrities the world over are promoting these programs in the hopes that you and I will sign up and use them. If Fergie, Kirstie Alley and Valerie Bertinelli can lose weight like that, in the VERY public eye, why can't we?

Personally I'm at the point where I would rather have every single person I know be aware of the fact that I am trying to lose weight, than wonder if I'm ever going to bother.


I'll tell you.

I can't do this without support. I tried. I failed. Miserably.

Secret Squirrel Slimming Scenario: Go out for dinner with friends, tell waitress you're going to order a salad. Friends look at you as if you've just grown a third head out of your nose and wonder aloud why you're not ordering the normal 6 course meal that you would have previously. You can't bring yourself to tell them that you're going to Weight Watchers and trying to be healthy and lose weight, so you backtrack on the salad and end up ordering garlic bread, steak and chips, mushrooms, dessert, and beer. At weigh in the next week, you've gained 2 kilos.

Satisfactorily Slimming with Support: Go to a BBQ at a friend's house and show up holding a beautiful garden salad and a fruit platter. Instead of wondering what demonic creature has taken over your body to prevent you bringing 5 kilos of sausages and a cheesecake, the friend thanks you, congratulates you on your efforts thus far, and brings you a cold glass of water.

I have invited just about every single person on my friend list to "Like" my Facebook Page. (you should too! plug plug!)

I have shared the link to this blog with all the people close to me and some not so close.

Both of those locations detail my efforts AND list my weight.

Am I embarrassed by my weight? HELL YES! Am I doing something about it? DAMN STRAIGHT!

But I have had nothing but support from the people in my life. And for that I'm grateful because it makes this soooo much easier.

I blog partly because someone out there might be inspired by me to do something about their weight and their health. I blog because it's nice to be accountable to more than just friends, family and Facebook. I blog because I need the support, and I like to provide it where I can.

Your support system is every bit as ESSENTIAL as your exercise routine and the food you eat. Let the people in your life know what is going on with you. Swallow your stupid pride and tell your partner that you have 20 / 50 / 70 kilos to lose. Suck it up and tell the people who love you that you NEED their support because you want to be healthy.

As for you all out there reading this?? Spanx have got nothing on you.

Thanks for all your support!!


  1. So true. It IS hard to be fat and most people just don't get it. Ever. I'd like to strap a few hundred pounds of scrap metal to all those gym bunnies and tell them to run. I'm glad you've found the freedom to admit what you're doing. I figured the same thing out a little bit ago. I'm so tired of pretending to be "normal" and not be watching my weight. I am fat, I do watch what I eat. End of story. So, congrats, and I hope it makes things better for you!

  2. You can dooooooo it!!!!! :-)

    P.S. You're a great writer too! Love reading your posts.

  3. Some of us "gym bunnies" used to be obese...and we *did* run...and we know all too well what it was like and vow never to go back...which is why we're gym bunnies now. ;)

  4. High five!!!
    Everyone knows I'm doing WW, in fact when I go out to eat now they all wait to see what I'm going to eat and some of them follow suit!!

  5. Thank you. I came across you by accident and you have really inspired me! [i have over 100 kilos to lose] I dunno why i haven't found your blog sooner.

    Sharron Le Strange - [blog - Losing100]
    I can't seem to log in with my blogger account. How rude lol