Friday, May 28, 2010


"Don't dig your grave with your own knife and fork"
~ English Proverb

One of the things that I particularly like about Weight Watchers as opposed to some of the other weight loss options out there is that I can still eat what I want. I don't have to buy their food (although I do sometimes, just to try it), I don't have to cut out a million things from my everyday eating, and I don't have to exist just on soups filled cabbage and legumes. I know that there is a points value for everything that goes into my mouth and with my trusty points calculator I am able to work out just about anything.

Unfortunately, I have recently started to use that "I can eat what I want" as justification for everything that goes into my mouth and I've been eating a LOT of empty calories. A chocolate bar here, a pikelet (small pancake) there, and cookies! For the points that I need to account for in a chocolate bar or 2 pikelets, I could have three bananas. It's ridiculous.

Worse still? I'm. Not. Tracking. Well, not properly anyway. I got this idea after weeks and weeks of tracking diligently that I could just do it in my head from now on. Um. No. That doesn't work. So not only am I not eating healthy things, but I'm not tracking what I AM eating properly. And then I sit and wonder why I've gained, lost and regained the same pounds for the entire month of May? How stupid am I? (don't answer that)

"I keep trying to lose weight....but it keeps finding me!"
~ Author Unknown

For my birthday on Wednesday, I did give myself a bit of a free pass. I wanted cake! And I had it. But I've tried to be good since then.

Did you notice how my 7 Week Challenge kind of fell by the wayside? Yeah. FAIL! I'm not entirely sure what happened. I lost all of my get up and go part way through. It got up and went. Somewhere else. Probably to someone who was willing to be kind to it. I went back to drinking Coke Zero (yes, Tex, you can slap my hand when you next see me!), I stopped drinking water altogether..not even just less of it. It's pathetic really.

So. New plan!

I'm taking part in the new "Lose It Bitches" weight loss challenge which runs from May 1st to August 31st...which is great, but I need a few smaller challenges in there too. So I think to be a little more realistic than my 7 week thing, I'm just going to do monthly ones.

June! Less Coke Zero, MUCH more water, oodles more exercise and tracking, tracking, tracking!

I'm trying a Zumba class on Monday night.....what are you trying that's new?


  1. Some friends and I (that I met through WW) are doing a 6 week challenge where we are going to see how many days we can be on plan for those six weeks. On plan means getting in all the healthy guidelines each day and not going into the red. We'll see how it goes! Meanwhile I really need to work on my bites, tastes and licks. sigh.

  2. I know exactly where you at but we really just need to get this done once and for all!

  3. Hey Mad ... to answer your ? ... I've got the Winning Points book from WW which goes all the way back to 2001 ... according to this version of WW I can have 26-31 pts per day. Also, back then you could bank unused points and use them on days you wanted more food. It's really all the same thing just rearranged differently.
    I'm not following WW per se ... just trying to get a grip on portion sizes and calories as my weight loss has stalled trying to eat intuitively.
    I eat quite healthful foods just too much it seems.
    Thanks for asking the question!

  4. Better choices - one at a time! It sounds so easy to do, yet I also find it very challenging at times. Yet, as long as we keep heading in the right direction, we will get there.
    To make it more interesting - and hence sustainable - for me, I am trying my hand at new recipes.

  5. Have fun at your Zumba class, I can't wait to hear how it goes.

  6. I bought the "kids" Zumba dvd set in hopes that it would be something fun to do with my son who LOVES to dance. After attempting that a couple of times I don't think I would DARE attempt an adult class and I'm super jealous of anyone coordinated/brave enough to do it! Have a BLAST!

  7. Those are some excellent plans to get back on track! I definitely need to work on my water intake on the weekends.

    As for something new I'm trying...I just got an exercise trampoline. We'll see how this goes ;)

  8. How did the Zumba class go?
    As for me, I'm trying eat more fruits and veggies this month. Hubs has committed to eating healthier, too, so maybe that will make it easier to stay on track.

  9. Good luck with the challenges.
    I'm not doing anything new... I know what works for me!

  10. Good luck with the challenges! I hope that you achieve all your goals!

    My goal is to try to accept ME a little more. To be comfortable in my skin, comfortable with my house and things, husband, job, car, and all the dumb little things that tend to get me all worked up.

    (by the way THANK YOU for visiting my lil blog the other day!)