Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Well hello, peoples! So what do we think of the changes around here? I decided that plain white background I had going was just too boring. So I headed on over to The Cutest Blog on the Block and nabbed one of their free templates. Purty eh? And then I nabbed a couple of buttons for the sidebar. So now I have an "About" page and a "Follow Me" page. Ooohh I feel so special....check 'em out, won't you?

You know what else makes me feel special? ( segue, huh?) My birthday. Yup. It's my birthday today. I'm now officially 31 years of age. Hubby tells me that this means I am now officially into my thirties. Because the last year of actually BEING 30 apparently means nothing. I just told him he was ancient (he's 33) and left it at that. 

So what did I do for my birthday? I worked for a whole hour, hid from the rain, and went to my regular WW meeting. I almost didn't stay for the meeting. 1) I gained weight...which I was kind of expecting because I haven't eaten terribly well this week and I didn't track. At. All. (2) My beloved Tex is away. Her husband had the nerve to surprise her with tickets to fly home which meant she'd be gone today. Humph! I like the other leader well enough, but she's not Tex. 

In the end, I ended up staying. I figured it was the smart thing to do seeing as I've gained, lost and regained the same 2.2 kgs for the last freakin' month. If I had left tonight, I would have spent the next week repeating all the mistakes I made this week. So, I stayed. And hey, I learnt something. 

So my weight loss still sits at 20 kgs (44 lbs). Which, YAY, is great..but GEEZ! Clearly I need to kick my ass into gear. Turns out there is a Zumba class happening at the local middle school so I think I'll check that out next week. And I'll be back at the gym working my ass off this week in the hopes of shedding at least 2 kgs next week. 

Happy Birthday to me!

Happy end of May to you!! What's your plan for June?


  1. Loving the new look! Sounds like you've hit a plateau and need to kick up the workouts a knotch? Is there a k in that word?



  2. Happy Birthday! Love the new look! Definitely check out the Zumba class - you'll sweat that 2.2 kgs off in no time, and have a blast doing it.

    My plan for June? To stop singlehandedly supporting the ice cream industry and start singlehandedly supporting the local farm stand instead. Fresh veggies are in season around here again! Yahoo!

  3. I have heard that Zumba can be a real blast, and an ass-kicker. Give it a shot, and happy, happy birthday!

  4. Love the purty new look :)
    Happy Birthday for yesterday!

    You're doing and awesome job..20kg lost!!!! Forget the small stumbles and look at the direction in which you're heading and the changes you're making :)

  5. Happy Birthday!! I too have gained a lost the same pounds. Let's kick some...