Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Challenging times

I feel like I have slid backwards to about 6 months ago when my motivation was starting to wane. It was about that time that I started cheating a bit. I would eat a biscuit but wouldn't track it. I would have a real Coke instead of diet and not track it. I would eat a bigger portion than I should and only track the points for what the portion should have been. I would not go for a walk but I would give myself 2 activity points under the premise that I had done a fair bit of general walking around for work.


And I feel like I've slid back there. I'm not sure why, I'm not entirely sure how to fix it, but I know it needs to stop.

I was over visiting Karen at Muffin Fixation and she was telling us all about this challenge she had signed up for, so I went to check it out at "I go through life in inches and pounds".

I'm now a participant in the October Going The Distance challenge (#OctGTD). I have committed to doing 100 miles (about 166 kms) in the month of October...either walking in my neighbourhood or on the treadmill. I'm doing well so far, and I think that I needed the challenge. It seems to have pushed me in the right direction. I don't think it will show on the scales tonight, but we'll see.

What do YOU do when you're struggling and need to get back on track?


  1. Hi Maggie - I am really struggling as well at the moment and I wish I had the answer to getting back on track and staying there!!
    For me I just need to focus on moving forward and not looking back all the time - we have both come a long way and it is easier to get stuck sulking about what we have done wrong instead of focusing on what we have done RIGHT...so from tomorrow I just going back to basics - drinking water, tracking, exercising, limited processed foods etc.. (saying that I am going out to lunch tomorrow..) We can both do this - remember slow and steady wins the race!

  2. When I struggle, I make a very rigid plan and stick to it for two weeks. That means every bit of exercise, every single drink and every single bite of food is decided in advance, for two weeks. I stick the plan up in the kitchen where I can't ignore it. It works wonders because afterwards I'm less interested in food and more interested in exercise.

  3. I'm only finding that out right now! I've been struggling for awhile and just getting back on track now. I kept saying to myself "cupcake or weight loss? extra rice or weight loss?" and choosing food without REALLY thinking it over, but now I'm getting back into it and realizing that choosing between food and weight loss, I choose to lose weight. I choose to exercise over sitting around - it's all about awareness and conscious choices for me!

  4. Good luck with your challenge.
    What do I do? Nothing YET! So bad....

  5. I roll though blogs and find people who are still in spirit mode. Where everything is peachy and no pain is going to stop them. The kind of people who are so hopped up on weight loss it will make you puke if you didnt know any better. It's their enthusiasim that reinvigorates me/reminds me of how I can feel. I'm in that mode right now, and I know what its like to be where you are too. Thanks for the #octgtd list on twitter too.

  6. You can do it...dont feel in letting go..Believe in yourself...u can do it

  7. Thanks for stopping by and visiting my blog! :)

    I have had my share of moments for sure, down and up and all around.

    Lately, I've found when I get down I just need to get outside and reconnect with myself. Then I find it much easier to walk the path... Keep up the great work and never give up.