Monday, November 23, 2009's good yes?

It's been just shy of a week since I rejoined Weight Watchers. In the last 6 days I have tried to get used to counting points again, eating smaller portions (much smaller!), drinking more water and getting more exercise. Now, I LOATHE exercise. I would much rather sit on my backside on my couch and read a book than go for a walk, but I've been trying. Not much more than a half hour walk on any given day so far, but it's better than nothing.

What I have noticed more than anything in the last week is how much better I feel already. Just by implementing the stuff I just mentioned, I have felt 10 times better than I did last week.

For the last...oh I don't know, forever?....I have been exhausted. Permanently it seems. I've gotten headaches every couple of days, some of them so bad that I just wanted to crawl into a big dark (and quiet) hole. My stomach has been iffy at the best of times.

But since starting this? I feel awake. Alive! The last three nights running, I have gone to bed later than usual and then gotten up earlier than usual in the morning, and yet I still feel fine..nay! GREAT!...during the day. It's kind of amazing.

No headaches. And my tummy is soooooo much better.

As for my food choices, they're ok. Probably not as good as they could be, but better than they have been. No chips. No chocolate. I had some Weight Watchers ice cream for a treat on Friday night. And Saturday. And Sunday. Yeah ok, so that probably wasn't best...but I accounted for the damn points. So sue me.

I'm hoping my weight will be down tomorrow, but we'll see. Fingers crossed everyone!!


  1. You go girl! You crack me up I so love the honesty in your posts! Make sure you post after weigh in and let us know how you got on. I'm so NOT looking forward to my weigh in tomorrow but oh well will go and face the music. Been a crap week for me but feel like I'm getting my groove back today finally.

  2. And hey I can so relate to the perpetual exhaustion and the headaches! You could have been talking about me not so long ago. It's an amazing difference ay. I too am now bouncing out of bed instead of crawling lol. Used to drag myself out in the morn, drag myself off to work then come home and collapse until the cycle started again BUT no more! I have so much more energy it's scary!