Wednesday, November 25, 2009

What a great first week!

Well. I dragged my ass into the weigh in room last night, dreading stepping onto that scale. It's a horrifying feeling, standing there wondering if you really DID do well this week and if it will be reflected on the scale.

The ladies sitting behind those tables have the best poker faces I have ever seen. I'm surprised they're not rolling in $ from winning card games! As I stepped on the scale my leader, Heather, kept a perfectly dead pan face as she wrote down the numbers. Meanwhile, I just about fell OFF the scale in astonishment.

2.4 kgs!!

(That's 5.28 lbs for you non metric people)

What a great loss for a first week where in truth I've struggled a bit. Not from personal choices but from lack of knowledge about how best to allocate points. But it seems I didn't do that badly.

I am getting better at the points thing. Now it's more about meal planning.

When the rest of the family is having meat and potatoes, or meat and rice, I sub in a salad for the carbs. I haven't figured out how to deal with pasta yet. I LOVE pasta and it's kind of a weakness (along with chips and pop). I'll get there.

Oh! On the pop (soda) front.... I tried to go cold turkey on that. I tried to cut it out altogether. Screw that. I like my Coke. So instead, I switched to Coke Zero/Diet Coke because it's 0 points. BUT I made the rule that for every 250ml glass of coke I drink, I have to drink a whole 700 ml bottle of water. Seems to be working so far!

Before I go...

Last night, my son didn't want to finish his dinner. Hubby didn't want it. Ordinarily, I would just eat it because HEAVEN FORBID I just throw the leftover food out! I reached for the plate, my hand was half way there, and then I remembered what Heather (my leader) had said at the meeting just a half hour before....

"Plate pickers wear BIG knickers"

Too true, my friends! Too true.

Here's to another good week!


  1. I'm so proud of you MW! Once again, you're going to end up being an inspiration to me, whether you wanted to be or not! I'm about where you are in 'it's time'... and I, too, struggle with pasta (why couldn't pasta have been 0 points rather than coke zero??????) and breads and such... I LOVE them! Oh, well... I'm working on cutting back. I do well for a day or two, then really mess up, then feel like I'm starting over again. I'm afraid to step onto the Wii Fit, I don't want that gal telling me I'm Obese again, or I didn't meet my (very low) goal again... sigh. I hate being afraid to hear a computer tell me what's up... LOL

    Keep up the awesome work MW, and, know I'm reading, even if I'm not posting too. I'm still way proud of you! And, I'm not surprised you were down from where you thought you might be, all that walking you did when you first got there, even now, helping others, etc. I'm just not surprised. Good for you!

  2. Fantastic work! Well done!!! You must be very pleased. Keep up the great work!

  3. I don't have a clue what a kg is, but I completely relate to looking for your feet. However, men know it is time to start losing the gut when they can't find something just below the waist line! Sending you good vibes.